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Research Area

Observation and Forecast Research Division

Observation and Forecast Research Division

  • Research on meteorological observation
  • Pilot operation of meteorological instruments and analysis of data for acquiring better quality and improving diagnosis and forecast of weather events
  • Operation of the research aircraft and research on its application
  • Research on intensive observation of high impact weather and improving predictability

Research on Meteorological Observation and Application of the data from Meteorological Observatories

  • Managing the meteorological observatories that comply with global standards set by the World Meteorological Organization(WMO) in order to implement performance tests for various meteorological instruments and intercomparison (located in Boseong, Chupungnyeong and Gochang

Location of meteorological observatories

  • Boseong Meteorological Observatory(BMO): The biggest station in Korea(154,495) with the second-highest tall tower in Asia(307m)

Observation system of Boseong Meteorological Observatory

Operation of Atmospheric Research Aircraft and Research on Characteristics of Meteorological Phenomena using Complex Observation Data

  • Establishing and developing aeronautical observation technologies for hazadous weather, aerosol, greenhouse gas and cloud physics

About research aircraft

Research on Utilization of Mobile Meteorological Observation for Improving Prediction of High-impact Weather

  • Implementing observation for upper air and surface by promptly moving to the spot where there is a disaster or where it is expected a disaster will occur
  • Contributing to improvements of the accuracy of high-impact weather prediction by providing collected data through tracking and targeted observation of high-impact weather to case studies

Intensive observation of high-impact weather and supporting for international sports events utilizing Mobile Observation VEhicle(MOVE)

  • Lidar Observation VEhicle(LIVE) system: Analyzing cloud particle in the atmosphere, and relative size and shape of aerosol

Lidar Observation VEhicle(LIVE) system