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Journal Paper

Journal Paper

Journal Paper

Journal Paper
Year of Publication 2015 Division Global Environment System Research Division
Title Artificial Neural Network-Based Data Recovery System for the Time Series of Tide Stations
Author Jun-Whan Lee
Coauthor Sun- Cheon Park
ISBN(ISSN) 1551-5036 Name of Journal Journal of Coastal Research
Category (International/Domestic) SCI Vol. No. 32
Research Project Title Ȱ뿬 (2015) Publication Date 2015-04-28
Keywords Water level, gap filling, artificial neural network, end-point fixing method.


Accurate prediction of missing water levels due to reasons ranging from recording failure and the problem with the transmission to mistakes by field staff is important in coastal and oceanic areas. This paper presents a new system for data recovery based on the artificial neural network soft computing technique and an end-point fixing method. Because only the past time series of tide stations are used, the data recovery system is not only simple and fast but also effective in situations where all the neighboring tide stations simultaneously malfunction. To verify the efficacy of the proposed data recovery system, we utilized it at the tide stations located in the eastern part of Korea. Further, we calibrated parameters such as window size and thresholds, and conducted performance tests in terms of statistical parameter. Our results indicate that, although the performance of the proposed system declines marginally as the gap size increases, it performs creditably in alleviating the gap filling problem.

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