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Research Area

Applied Meteorology Research Division

Applied Meteorology Research Division

  • Research on the development of bio-meteorological models
  • Research on urban meteorology (e.g. heat island, changes in rainfall, wind corridor)
  • Research on industrial meteorology (e.g. agriculture, weather resource map, aviation)
  • Research on development of weather modification (e.g. artificial rainfall/snowfall, fog dissipation)
  • Research on theroretical, observational and numerical modeling in cloud physics
  • Research on avation meteorology (e.g. gale and wind-shear in airport, aircraft turbulence


  • Quantifying health impacts by heat wave and cold spell
  • Monitoring and forecasting technology development on allergenic pollen

Estimated Perceived Temperature(PT) on heat wave case

Urban Meteorology

  • Research on analysis and prediction of characteristics of urban weather(e.g. urban heat island,localized torrential downpours
  • Developing microclimate analysis technology based on urban climate simulation technologies

Simulation of air flows around the COEX buildings Seoul

Renewable Energy Resources

  • Creating renewable energy resource information to support the national policy-making processes
  • Analyzing future renewable energy resource information based on climate change scenrios

Renewable energy resource map(Wind resource map averaged for 12 years(1998-2009), Renewable energy resource outlook(Applying annual average wind speed for 2040 from RCP 4.5 scenario)

Weather Modification

  • Development of the artificial snowfall(rainfall) technology for water resources
  • Research of theoretical, observational and numerical modeling in cloud physics

Weather Modification

Aviation Meteorology

  • Studies on the development of the highimpact weather forecast technologies regarding winds around airports

Development of the local weather forecast system (300m) for airports