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About NIMS



National Institute of Meteorological Sciences is located in Jeju of Korea.

Research Team of Roles

Research Team of Roles
Research Planning and Management Division
- Research planning and operating support.
- Performance management of research projects and improvement of use.
- Improvement of cooperation with related organizations and project cost management.
- A Study of planning and investigation of short-term policies that are necessary in establishing the major policies of KMA.
Future Strategy Research Team
- Strategic Operation and Evaluation on Executive Agency and R&D project.
- Research and analyzes domestic and international trends in major meteorological technologies and policies
Artificial Intelligence Forecast Team
- A Study on Artificial Intelligence Technology for Meteorological Forecaster Decision Support.
- A Study on the Analysis and Processing of Meteorological Big Data
Observation and Forecast Research Division
- A study on a meteorological numerical model.
- A study on synoptic- and meso-scale phenomena.
- A study on short and mid-range numerical weather forecast.
- A study on data assimilation.
Climate Research Division
- Research on prediction of climate change and its mechanism
- Research on climate variability and abnormal climate
- Development of climate and climate change predication models
- Research on national standard scenario on climate change
- Research on impact assessment of and adaptation to climate change
- Development of carbon tracking system, while studying carbon circulations
Earth System Research Division

- A study on the use of meteorological satellite data.
- Development of meteorological data processing system for COMS.
- Operation and use of X-band Doppler Radar for Very Short Range Forecast (VSRF).
- A study on understanding of cloud physics and floodgate and meteorological control for prevention of natural disasters.
- Marine weather observation and analysis of the observed data.
- Development of marine weather prediction model.
- A study on marine-atmospheric interactions.
- Research on climate prediction and long-range forecasts

Environmental Meteorology Research Division
- Establishment of integrated Hwangsa (China Dust Storms) monitoring network in East Asia.
- Establishment of Hwangsa forecast model using the next-generation meteorological model.
- Assessment of the accuracy of Hwangsa forecast and improvement plan.
Applied Meteorology Research Division
- A study on industrial and living meteorology.
- A study on environmental and micro meteorology.
- A study on aeronautical and agricultural meteorology.
- A study on micro meteorology and local climate.
- A study on atmospheric radiation and atmospheric chemistry.
- A study on climate impact assessment.